About us

The goal is not to be perfect by the end.
The goal is to be better today.

Simon Sinek

Everything we get involved in we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently and working with like minded people which in time become family to us.
We are walking past the right markers to be the best that we can be and fulfilled in whatever we do. 

The way we challenge it is by giving the chance to people worldwide, to have a taste of the best products without cutting corners and building chemistry  in our collaborations. We don’t simply change the narrative in our products, we change the way you work.

We just happen to be involved with olives and olive oil.

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What you see is
what you get…

For all those who know us they will say, ‘What you see is what you get!’

There is nothing hidden, when it comes to our business full transparency is the only way to go.

Consumers have an absolute right to know everything about the food they consume, from the farmers who produced it and all other information necessary so that an informed decision can be made before their purchase is complete.


We know our quality and we want you to know it too!

Exceeding export requirements

As a country which produces the world’s finest olives and olive oil, we are committed in providing assurance to global customers of purity, safety and authenticity. 


Co-ordinating farmers and a production which contains the necessary certificates such as IFS or BRC is one thing. However, we believe for our own standards it’s simply not enough. In addition, we test all our products with independent certified labs for their organoleptic properties to be at the level they suppose to be, as well as the merits of the products through chemical analysis.


Reliable procedures build strong relationships.
The following steps are in place to ensure the steady flow of desired high quality products to
each one of our customers. 

1. Request by email

3. Dispatch of samples
to the customer

5. Processing

7. Quality control

2. Receive pictures of actual products in production where applicable to the customer

4. Customer approval

6. Packaging

8. Loading

9. Delivery


Quality is assured through continuous upgrades in production facilities, standards and


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